Am I A Beginner?

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Alright – so why Iyengar yoga as a beginner? Designed for everyone!!

When most of us begin or find yoga we come to the practice for many different reasons but mostly because we need some support with posture, stress, injuries or as simple as searching for a way to connect and re-trust our bodies and find some space for our brains to relax. Iyengar yoga is designed to the time to explore and learn about your body in a way that no other method of yoga can do for you. Each class you will learn, really learn, how to move in and out of each pose, the muscles that you need to activate or relax, how to breathe correctly, and begin to understand the difference between stability and mobility of the spine and what we call the ‘organs of action’.
Each of the teachers has an extensive understanding of the human anatomy and are there to guide you into a practice that is beneficial to your body. Classes are not choreographed, but sequenced specifically to the needs of the students, adapting always to each moment and each students requirements.
Iyengar yoga can be, and is, challenging to a beginner, as it will always show you what you are unable to do. It is a practice of patience, precision, detail, and an experience of total transformation of the heart, body and mind.
Watch this YouTube of our senior teacher Simon Marrocco who demonstrates the 4 basic modalities of yoga.