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 Benefitting Beings through Wisdom

Basic Buddhism Course 6 x Thursdays.

Thursday Evening Class on 7 March to 11 April 6.30- 8 pm

In this short course we will cover some key aspects of his teaching which will assist in evolving your mind. In particular we will explore countering our negative emotions and developing genuine love and compassion

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Stages to Enlightenment Course- 3 x Sundays.

A set of 3 Sunday classes 10am to 4pm complementing each other over 3 month which will describe the three key principal realisations upon the path to enlightenment.

  1. The Wish to Definitely Emerge-Sun 3th March 
  2. The Great Compassion & Love to Free All Sentient Beings-Sun 31st March
  3. Developing the Wisdom that Stops the Cause of All Suffering-Sun 28 April

Attending just one of these classes will awaken a new perspective about you and your world.  

Day courses will have 30 min tea breaks in morning and afternoon and 1 hr. lunch break.

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