Studio Classes


Studio classes are offered every day of the week at our beautiful new space
Level 1, 74 Vulture St
These classes move through a series of asanas with focus on weekly themes according to the Iyengar Method of practice.



These classes are open to practitioners at all levels of experience and ability. Each class spends time breaking down asanas and placing emphasis on bringing awareness to what your body is doing within each posture.
In this class, students are often used to demonstrate alignment and adjustments to assist with the teaching of what is "correct" or "incorrect".
This brings understanding of the subtle internal movement of muscle, bone, ligament, and fascia to assist students to tune into, and deepen, their practice. 



Experienced Classes are for practitioners with 1 or more years experience in the Iyengar Method. Each class brings a stronger focus and development of specific areas in the asana practice.
These classes build on the Iyengar teachings of the open sessions. Whilst there is still instruction given throughout the class, understanding of the deeper asana work is assumed and a level of experience required. 



Our Restorative Class is a beautiful application of slowing down and bringing a steadiness into your practice. With emphasis on safe guidance into longer held asanas to rejuvenate you for the week ahead. Classes are open for all levels of practitioner.



This class is designed for students who would like a slower session focusing on supporting and strengthening areas of injury or instability. Asanas will be practiced with more prop use and taking time to move carefully between poses to best give the care needed for your own body. Extra individual attention is given throughout to ensure everyone is practicing in a safe method suitable for their level.


Beginner Courses, Intensives, and Workshops compliment our regular classes to bring a deeper focus into the foundational work and core asanas.