Over the next four months, we will be bringing you a series of workshops honing the use of
Each month will focus on a different asana sequence:


Standing~ 20th March (11-2pm)

Seated Forward Bends~ 22nd May (11-2pm)

Back Bends and Inversions~ 19th June (9:30-12:30pm)

Restorative~ 17th July (9:30-12:30pm)


~$65 each~


Each Workshop will go through a series of ways to adjust props to benefit your personal practice both at home and in studio. 

Prop use can greatly improve your scope of practice. By supporting and stabilising your body, you will then be more capable of moving deeper into investigating the action of the asana and alignment.

As your practice evolves, the way in which you require props will change. These workshops develops your personal understanding to allow you to come into class and make the appropriate adjustments your practice needs. 
 If you are sustaining short or long-term injuries, understanding the best way to use props will benefit the healing process, allowing you to continue your daily practice feeling supported and safe.


Bring your notebooks and cameras!


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