Therapy Classes


West End Yoga centre offers 8 therapy classes per school term. The first 4 classes of each term focuses on neck and shoulder and the second 4 classes on hips, knees and ankles.  These classes are part of the  yoga therapy program that runs at the centre. The courses are taught by  trained teachers in the application of yoga therapy. We use a specialised program and props to help students who suffer from  issues in the focused areas. It is a gentle paced and well supported class. Suitable to all level of student including those with no yoga experience.

The next series of classes begin on these dates below - please click on links below to register for:

Neck and Shoulders

4 classes, April 30, 2024 → May 21, 2024

Ankle, knee and hips

4 classes, May 28, 2024 → June 18, 2024